Contribute $

The Massachusetts History Alliance (MHA) welcomes contributions from organizations, institutions, and individuals. Please note that contributions are optional, and are administered under the fiscal agency of Mass Humanities until we have formed a 501 (c) 3 organization.

  • Suggested contributions for organizations and institutions:  Small $75-150; Medium $150-300; Large $250+
  • Suggested contribution for individuals: contribute what you wish to or can afford. Some people feel that $50 per year is the right amount for them.

Funds will be used to coordinate and run the website and communications networks; coordinate the volunteers who develop networking and informational programming such as the annual conference; coordinate the volunteers who create and run our advocacy projects. We are looking for people to join the finance committee and our fundraising efforts.

PS — If you are contributing for an organization with a card that is in your own name,  please make sure to note on the PayPal form for what organization you are doing so. Thanks!

Note: Commercial sponsors who wish to sponsor any specific Mass History Alliance activity, such as the annual Mass History Conference, should get in touch via email with in advance of donating. Thank you.