MHA Committees

Sign up below! Until we have a board, and perhaps also after that, work gets done in four committees, which together form the Launch Steering Committee:

1)Committee of Practicalities and Communications with two groups:
a) Planning and executing the MHA communications network/s: Platforms such as website, listserv, taking contributions. Creating and expanding mailing lists by region and for the whole. Creating communicaitons materials and outreach.
b) Development of regional subgroups

2) Committee on Survey and Program Planning:
a) Setting priorities and polling the field. What are the most immediate goals? what should we prioritize? A launch of an advocacy program? A collaborative statewide program? A way to buy in to all sorts of anniversary programs?
b) Planning the Mass History Conference

3) Strategic Development Committee incl. organizational planning and budget/finance:
a) Creates an agreement with Mass Humanities to be fiscal agent and run conference logistics for the foreseeable future
b) Plans organizational structure and works towards Articles of incorporation
c) Budget and Finance: Alliance raises funds. For what, how much?

4) Committee to plan advocacy:
To our towns, to the field, supporters and donors, and to governmental entities.

MHA Committee sign-up

MHA Committee sign-up