The Massachusetts History Alliance  (Mass History Alliance / MHA) was founded on November 16, 2016, by a group of volunteers and professionals from a wide variety of organizations active in local and public history in Massachusetts. Read the notes from that meeting here.

Advocacy and Support

The mission of the Massachusetts History Alliance and its annual conference is to support and advocate for all public history organizations and their work in Massachusetts by maximizing connections and cross-fertilization, and supporting skills development in the field of public history in Massachusetts. It is explicitly but not exclusively committed to supporting the paid and volunteer staff of the Commonwealth’s many small historical organizations in their efforts to collect, preserve, make accessible, and interpret local history, enhancing their sustainability and relevance to their communities.


The Mass History Alliance is an alliance of organizations.
The alliance will be comprised of organizations and institutions, whether single organizations (e.g. New Bedford Historical Society, Public History Track UMass Boston, the Lowell National Historical Park, Leverett Town Clerk’s office, or Weymouth Historical Commission) or consortia (e.g. Pioneer Valley History Network or Essex National Heritage Area). Organizations are invited to participate in the alliance on more than one level: for example, the Plainfield Historical Society is also a part of the Pioneer Valley History Network. Massachusetts-based organizations that belong to participating consortia/organizations (for example, the Pioneer Valley History Network, NEMA, AASLH) are defacto members of the Alliance, but can be members of their own accord as well. A list of participating organizations may be found on the MHA Members page.

How do individuals become members?

The Mass history Alliance is all about networking and sharing information, not about membership! Individuals are invited to become part of the MHA network by signing up for emails, and also by joining the Mass History Alliance Facebook group.

How can I participate?

Sign up and contribute! Sign up your organization, participate in the conversation, post information to the Google group listserv or Facebook group, volunteer to serve on one of the committees that is building the Mass History Alliance (send us an email at facilitator1@masshistoryalliance.org), volunteer to help manage the network, manage the website, build a regional network, get connected, and ….. contribute financially so we can build a strong network, strong advocacy, and put on great networking programs like the annual Mass History Conference.

Its all free?

It’s free if you want it to be, but as you know there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Doing things costs money. This website costs money. We strongly encourage participating organizations and individuals to support the Alliance by making periodic contributions of any size. Please check out the SIGN UP! and LIST-SERV pages for details on signing up and contributing. We publish a list of the participating organizations, but not of individuals. Individuals will become part of the network by signing up for the Google Group and receive emails. As we grow, we will develop specialized networks for specific topics.

Is the Massachusetts History Alliance a 501(c)3?

Not yet. Mass Humanities has agreed to take on the role of fiscal agent for the Alliance until the organization has pulled itself up by its bootstraps. Contributions and donations will be collected by Mass Humanities and used according to the agreement. They will be tax deductible. Mass Humanities is audited every year.